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50projectsIn50days – Day 6: Scroll Animation

The Scroll Animation is a scroll that has a fixed number of contents inside the html. So, it’s not generated dynamically. In the case of this project there are 12 Boxes. Each h2 box has a class “Box” that gives the square aspect as you can see in this CSS: Talking about animation, which is

50projectsIn50days – Day 5: Blurry Loading

A really simple HTML and CSS which involves some tricky JavaScript archive the blur effect. Because, besides the blur effect, the project consists in showing an increasing percentage of how much the blur effect decreases so we can see the image more clearly. the class .bg and .loading-text make the visual display of the information

50projectsIn50days – Day 4: Hidden Search

A search bar that has an interesting animation inside it. The changes happen when the “active” selector is used. There are two, one for the input, and other for the button: Is a simple project that helps to understand how the transform property works. As you can read in the Mozilla Docs The transform CSS property lets you

50projectsIn50days – Day 3: Rotating Navigation

A simple article written in plain HTML with has the flip change. If you click on the hamburger menu, the article will rotate 45 degrees. It’s a nice transformation that is created thanks to adding to a nav the “show-nav” CSS style. But that CSS selector “snow-nav” is not alone it’s added to a different

Python Django Dev To Deployment

After finishing the Udemy Course Python Django Dev to Deployment I would like to list the things I’ve learned during the process and the things I understand that I need to continue learning, or even, creating projects about it. First of all, you have to know that the course is quite long, if you take

50projectsIn50days – Day 2: Progress Steps

The projects related to the progress step it is generated by an another script in JavaScript that change the class in the DOM. There are two event listeners in the script and there is a function that update the CSS. So, the new style is following: The project has a an average difficulty and it’s

50projectsIn50days – Day 1: Expanding Cards

The first day of the project is about expanding cards. It’s a nice introductory projects if you don’t know anything about JavaScript. It’s easily reusable and I enjoyed while I was doing it. The images are hardcoded in the html file. That is a good point of improvement. I could create an API that gives

Scraping Whale Alerts

Following the questions about Whale-Alert first post. The whale alert page provides interesting information about whales, in the cryptocurrency argot it’s a transaction above certain amount of money. These are the transactions which are above a certain level of price. You can see this information on their webpage However, I wonder how many bitcoins,