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Career management during our professional life

I’m not a veteran in the field. I’m in the middle of my thirties. But I found that there are some qualities I really appreciated when it appeared in the leaders and mentors I had. I would like to write it down because when I was younger it seemed to me that it could be

What is programming?

‘ve finished reading “Coders at work” a series of interviews between @peterseibel and well-known programmers/coders/(etc). The first edition was in 2009. And in the preface you can read: Yet despite the millions of people who have written code, and the billions, if not trillions of lines of code written since the field began, it still

What is an ‘Ephemeral cluster’?

When you create a service to compute, for example in HD-Insight you can create a cluster which remains active once it’s created or, in the other hand, stop (will be ‘deleted’) after some amount of innactivities. If you, like me, your first approach was with the Azure Service you’ll notice that the name if the

Load CSV file from S3 to NEO4J

If you try to load data from S3 to NEO4J you are going to need to presing the file. So you need to expose the data to somebody that have the file. So, first you need to presing the file: aws s3 presign s3://rohank/actors.csv And then you can load the data on your NEO4J Instance:

Enviroments in Virtual Env

The importance of using environments As was said in Setting environments in Python it’s important to use environments for your deployment, even if these are side projects or wild repositories. But at first, I used Conda to create the environment. However, a while ago, I made the switch to Virtual Env As a point of

What is a bastion host?

Definition of Bastion Host A bastion host is a specific computer in a network that has the objective of not affecting another part of the system by the attack from outside the network. For Example, the internet. 

Are SSH and Bash the same? (Spoiler: No)

The thing is: when you start to run some console commands you notice that all the things you write in that place are not the same. Simple to understand, difficult to order each part in your head. I wondered at that time, What is the difference between SSH and Bash? This question was answered in

Connect Ubuntu in Virtual Box with SSH

After understanding the importance of a well understanding of ssh. It’s time to make our first practice connecting from our windows to a Ubuntu installed in a virtual machine in Virtual Box. You have to use the direction in the second red box. Useful Documentation:

SSH: A Brave new world

When you make your first steps as a developer, you realize that one of the first activities you have to do when your code is ready is to deploy it.  In that case, generally, the senior dev or someone of the dev-ops team says something like: After that, you ask yourself:  This irrelevant question for