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Why to choose a Data Lake?

There are some reason that will take you to choose to use a Data Lake as solution for your Data Operations. The most importants are: The common work of the databases is that the storage and the processing is tied together making less flexible to scale storage without processing. In the other hands, the data

Three ideas to consider to develop a microservice

In the post about: Is microservice architecture the silver bullet? we can find the explanation about why is not a good idea the microservice architecture to the following applications: We define low-latency activity as strategies that respond to market events in the millisecond environment, the hallmark of proprietary trading by high-frequency traders though it could

Difference between Framework and Libraries

Software Development has tricky words. Some Jargon that seems as unreachable when we are starting. Even though is not a game changer understand this difference is a nice to have and in one or two paragraph I’m going to point the ideas that give me some impression that what are the key points in the

Event Driven Architectures

In the Gartner Submit of 2006 Mani Chandy talked about the existence of a misconception of Event Driven Architecture (EDA). So, he proposed to talk about the understanding of EDA and its Return of Investment. So he can evaluate the true costs and benefits. In this talk an event was defined as:  “An event is