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What is programming?

‘ve finished reading “Coders at work” a series of interviews between @peterseibel and well-known programmers/coders/(etc). The first edition was in 2009. And in the preface you can read: Yet despite the millions of people who have written code, and the billions, if not trillions of lines of code written since the field began, it still

Peter Norvig Paper: Oh shinny! antidote

Dark Knights In the TED talks The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds One of the comments that Linus Said was: Edison may not have been a nice person, he did a lot of things — he was maybe not so intellectual, not so visionary. But I think I’m more of an Edison than a Tesla. Linus Torvals So

Good Guidelines to improve as Software Developer

After learning the basics about programming and understanding the first steps necessary to become a competent beginner software developer, I’ve started to think. I’m trying to understand whats are the best topics to take care of being a reliable programmer. I’ve found this in Any Machine Learning Project, is a Software Project First: