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50projectsIn50days – Day 1: Expanding Cards

The first day of the project is about expanding cards. It’s a nice introductory projects if you don’t know anything about JavaScript. It’s easily reusable and I enjoyed while I was doing it. The images are hardcoded in the html file. That is a good point of improvement. I could create an API that gives

People in tech are aware of history? Donald Knuth

Seibel: Do you feel like programmers and computer scientists are aware enough of the history of our field? It is, after all, a pretty short history. Knuth: There aren’t too many that are scholars. Even when I started writing my books in 1963, I didn’t think people knew what had happened in 1959 I was

SODA: Check count distinct elements

Categories in Data Quality When you are doing a quality you’re looking for six levels of knowledge about it. It might change depends on your requirements and what is the usage about it. Because, in general speaking the that not always work in a synchronous way, it’s possible that it could be from outside your

Why to choose a Data Lake?

There are some reason that will take you to choose to use a Data Lake as solution for your Data Operations. The most importants are: The common work of the databases is that the storage and the processing is tied together making less flexible to scale storage without processing. In the other hands, the data

What $ in shell scripts means?

In this video: I saw the weird symbol: When I’m start looking about it on the internet I discovered that a lot of people has asked, and answered the question for a long time. As you can read in these question and its answer: This code is useful in order to know the exist status