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Sellenium Vs Beautiful Soup

Web scraping is a widely recognized strategy for acquiring information. Before diving into this process, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with two essential tools. Personally, this topic initially posed a significant challenge for me when attempting to extract data from the web. These tools serve distinct purposes in web scraping and automation. Selenium is primarily


When you tried to connect to soda it is possible you find this error: SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED. All the message look like similar to this one: This happens because there is a conflict between the permissions your machine have to connect to other places in the network and the usage statistics that SODA does. In fact,

SODA: Connect SQL Server without Password

When you do your first steps using soda, it is possible you want to connect to an SQL Server database. In that case you can create an specific user and give him the proper rights I wrote about that in the following post: Connect Soda to SQL Server. But, Is it possible to use the

SODA: Check count distinct elements

Categories in Data Quality When you are doing a quality you’re looking for six levels of knowledge about it. It might change depends on your requirements and what is the usage about it. Because, in general speaking the that not always work in a synchronous way, it’s possible that it could be from outside your

SODA: Connect to SQL Server

After deciding to install SODA to make your quality check you have to connect the data source to SODA. We are going to see how to connect soda to Microsoft SQL Server. Remember that this is a tutorial in order to use, in an easy way the SODA quality check tool on your machine .

TOX: First steps

Tox is a tool for Python testing. I’m doing my first steps because I found it in the project: Faker, which is: Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you.  Faker Git Hub repository If you want an interesting video explanation about that you can see anthony explains #043 You can install it

ASTRONOMER: Install on Windows

Install Astronomer is quite simple In windows you have to follow the following steps: 1 – Install docker Go to the docker’s webpage, download the executable and install it. Installation succeeded 2 – Install Linux on Windows with WSL As you can see on the Microsoft documentation you have to run on PowerShell the following