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People in tech are aware of history? Donald Knuth

Seibel: Do you feel like programmers and computer scientists are aware enough of the history of our field? It is, after all, a pretty short history. Knuth: There aren’t too many that are scholars. Even when I started writing my books in 1963, I didn’t think people knew what had happened in 1959 I was

Freshman computer scientists shouldn’t touch a computer. What does Donald Knuth think about that?

The most named person in the book: Donald Knuth. The author of “The Art of computer programming” Many people, including me, have not read it. But it justifies us. Seibel: Uh-oh; you just revealed your secret there. Knuth: Yeah, right. Then I decided I would write a little program to calculate the prime factors of

How to be a lead by Dan Ingalls

Daniel (Dan) Ingalls is one of the creators of Smalltak. Other interesting development of engals was the Context Menu Seibel: Do you have any tips on how to be a good technical leader? Ingalls: The first thing is being clear about what you’re trying to do. The job is to get a clear vision. If