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50projectsIn50days – Day 26: Vertical Slider

Vertical Slider is a project were you can flip the images vertically instead horizontally. For that reason the name. The html has a fixed number of images which are loaded from Unsplash. There are two buttons. They are inside a div. Besides that, each one has its own div as you can see below: In

50projectsIn50days – Day 25: Sticky Nav

A Sticky menu navigation is popular in webs. It keeps a menu bar at the top of the page visible on the screen while the user scrolls down. Most of the wev development frameworks uses it, or has a solution to achieve this objective. Make an sticky navigation bar in plain javascript is not difficult.

Run Redash Locally

This is only for educative purpose. You don’t have to do this in production 1 – Clone the project from the oficial github: Redash on GitHub – Y made a fork previously. Take Care 2 – Modifiy the compose 3 – Create the env in the opt/redash 4 – Run Docker 5 – Create database

Understanding Distributed System – Maintainability

Introduction It’s widely recognized that the bulk of software costs arise after its initial development in maintenance tasks like bug fixes, feature additions, and day-to-day operation. Therefore, it’s crucial to build systems that are easy to modify, extend, and operate, ensuring they remain maintainable over time. Robust testing, including unit, integration, and end-to-end tests, is

Understanding Distributed System – Resiliency

Introduction Chapter 24 – Common Failure Causes Chapter 25 – Redundancy Redundancy, the replication of functionality or state, is a critical defense against failures. When replicated over multiple nodes, functionality or state can be maintained even if a node fails. This redundancy not only enhances availability but also enables horizontal scaling, as discussed in Part

50projectsIn50days – Day 24: Content Placeholder

A Card placeholder is a common element in a lot of web pages. Nowadays we can use it with differents frameworks. It is possible that x is the most famous of them. In the official documentation you can see it: Bootstrap Placeholders documentation For educative purpose I’ve avoided the usage of this framework and, following

Understanding Distributed System – Scalability

Introduction Scaling an application involves maintaining performance as load increases. The long-term solution for increasing capacity is to architect for horizontal scalability. In this section, we’ll explore scaling a simple CRUD web application called Cruder, consisting of a single-page JavaScript application communicating with an application server via a RESTful HTTP API. The server uses local

Understanding Distributed System – Coordination

Introduction Our ultimate goal is to build a distributed application consisting of a group of processes that gives its users the illusion they are interacting with one coherent node. While achieving a perfect illusion may not always be possible or desirable, some degree of coordination is always needed to build a distributed application. Chapter 6

50projectsIn50days – Day 23: Kinectic Loader

The HTML page doesn’t have any html nor Javascirpt which explains the functionalyti. Therefore all the changes is made by the CSS. The movement is made by the Transform function as you can see here: The transform property is: The transform CSS property lets you rotate, scale, skew, or translate an element. It modifies the coordinate space of