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Are SSH and Bash the same? (Spoiler: No)

The thing is: when you start to run some console commands you notice that all the things you write in that place are not the same. Simple to understand, difficult to order each part in your head. I wondered at that time, What is the difference between SSH and Bash? This question was answered in

Connect Ubuntu in Virtual Box with SSH

After understanding the importance of a well understanding of ssh. It’s time to make our first practice connecting from our windows to a Ubuntu installed in a virtual machine in Virtual Box. You have to use the direction in the second red box. Useful Documentation:

SSH: A Brave new world

When you make your first steps as a developer, you realize that one of the first activities you have to do when your code is ready is to deploy it.  In that case, generally, the senior dev or someone of the dev-ops team says something like: After that, you ask yourself:  This irrelevant question for