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Resource from Vanguard ETF

Looking for vanguard ETF data is not an easy task. Because there are a lot of pages that need to subscribe or even purchase a subscription. So, we can’t access to free information. I don’t know if this behavior is normal across the industry, or I am thinking wrong about that. Because the composition of

Agro Analytics Datasets

Looking for data set to put into practice some knowledge about Agroanalytics, I find some interesting challenges: There are a lot of courses about it, for example, at Wageningen University (In fact, there are some exciting courses in @edXOnline) But, I’ve had some problems in getting valuable Agro Analytics datasets to work or play in

What is Whale Alert

Whale alert is a blockchain tracker, which reports interesting transactions. Especially the larger ones.  It is a process that follows the blockchain transaction to know if the transfer value exceeds a certain limit considered important. As Whale alert said on its webpage: “At Whale Alert we track these transactions made on various blockchains, convert them