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Distinctions Between AWS EC2 and ECS

Introduction Embarking on the cloud computing journey often involves deciphering the nuanced offerings of platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this exploration, we’ll unravel the seemingly similar yet distinctly powerful services—EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and ECS (Elastic Container Service). Understanding the disparities between these two pillars of AWS is pivotal for users venturing into

Using Google Colab to work from with outside data

On stack overflow there is this question I’ve neve made to myself: How can I create a website using google colab [closed] I have my code written in colab. I want to convert this into a website where user gives input and it reaches to the notebook for operations like giving out the output based

Basic concepts about Amazon Redshift

One of the first things you will know when you do the course Getting Started with Amazon Redshift are the following Redshift is based on PostgreSQL, and there are four key concepts to understand about it: Concepts about ways of work with Amazon Redshift The importance of understanding the “Node Types” Amazon Redshift offers two

Set secrets in Databricks

If you add as plain text the user and password of your connections you are making a mistake that it’s easy to solve. In order to solve Now you can use the CLI and it should be connected to your instances. So, now we can run the commands to set the keys. For example, if

Load data from Snowflake to S3

If you want to load data from Snowflake to S3 should try to use the COPY INTO command so, you run something like this command in the snowflake Web App: copy into @my_ext_unload_stage/d1 from mytable; And receive the following error: Failure using stage area. Cause: [Access Denied (Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied)] To solve

Using Presing in AWS

Presing is a command you can use in the AWS CLI that allows anyone to have the pre-signed URL to make and HTTP get request to retrieve the data that is inside the bucket pre-signed. In the CLI you will execute: aws s3 presign s3://DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET/test2.txt And the output you’re going to receive is the following: