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Using Google Colab to work from with outside data

On stack overflow there is this question I’ve neve made to myself: How can I create a website using google colab [closed]

I have my code written in colab. I want to convert this into a website where user gives input and it reaches to the notebook for operations like giving out the output based on user’s inputs on to the website.

There are no such videos on youtube. And all the answers I searched in stackoverflow are to launch a app inside notebook but I’m looking for creating a website where it can access the notebook for operations.

Body of the question

The question was marked as a needs of focus because it’s not a concrete problem that we could assist but in the meanwhile I was thinking: How google Colab work with external inputs. Is it possible? If we tried to work with Notebooks and deal with data from the outside we tend to think about the solution that data bricks gives to us. Besides, it’s an accessible option that not require much more knowledge we have in our own local machine.

The proper question could be: How we import data to google Colab. For that question we have two interesting resourses:

One of the problems with the question was about: How we can work with the data filled in the Web Page. Because we need to know what is the location of the records in order to understand what are the best strategies to load the data with google colab.

But, Colab is an interesting tool, a bit underrated, to create POCs in the data world.

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