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Sellenium Vs Beautiful Soup

Web scraping is a widely recognized strategy for acquiring information. Before diving into this process, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with two essential tools. Personally, this topic initially posed a significant challenge for me when attempting to extract data from the web. These tools serve distinct purposes in web scraping and automation. Selenium is primarily

50projectsIn50days – Day 12: Faq Collapse

One of the most typical features we can find in a web page is the Frequently asqued questions. There are in many ways: Fixed, floating and, as we can see in this case, collapsed In a big faq container we have each container as you can see in the following bunch of code: The sinfle

50projectsIn50days – Day 11: Event Keycode

The purpose of the project is to understand the event “key”. It is supossed you press a key and see in the browser the key you’ve alredy pressed the key code, and the name ol the event. The html is straightforward. Inside a div named “insert” we have the “key” class This code is taken