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Career management during our professional life

I’m not a veteran in the field. I’m in the middle of my thirties. But I found that there are some qualities I really appreciated when it appeared in the leaders and mentors I had. I would like to write it down because when I was younger it seemed to me that it could be something easy to achieve, but it as I grown in my profession, take some responsibilities and start to fail and to note the necessity to improve I’ve started to focus also in the team role skills besides the technical ones. 

So, this is my opportunity to take into consideration a big challenge: it’s not easy to be the kind of professional we liked when we were really young. 

At least for me, I’ve found happy if I can do the following thing to others:

  1. Adds value to others
  2. acquisition of skills
  3. Feedback:
    1. offer real, generous and understanding feedback
    2. ask for feedback and accept it with empathy and gratitude
  4. Have a positive attitude:
    1. being reliable
    2. thanking
    3. congratulating
    4. give support
    5. being diplomatic
    6. bringing calm to the team
  5. try to avoid
    1. intimidation
    2. cynicism

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