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Python Django Dev To Deployment

After finishing the Udemy Course Python Django Dev to Deployment I would like to list the things I’ve learned during the process and the things I understand that I need to continue learning, or even, creating projects about it.

First of all, you have to know that the course is quite long, if you take into consideration the average length of the Brad Courses, specially if you take the courses like 50 Projects In 50 Days – HTML, CSS & JavaScript and 20 Web Projects With Vanilla JavaScript.

At first I’ve found a course larger but also project based. We’re going to develop an application which is related to a real state company. In this course you can see the usual features about asking for information page. So, you won’t find some common ecommerce features, for example shopping cart.

What I have taken from the course has been the following:

  • Each behavior of the section is created in a separate “folder” in the project. It’s called an app.
  • There is a set of commands you have to know to understand how to interact correctly with Django: runserver, app start, migrate and makemigration.
  • Django app not come by default with Postgress, you have to make some changes in the code manually. For me it’s desirable because I want to make another project using Django
  • In the course I made a lot of Jinja code which it’s ok. But in the future I’ll going to learn how to create a backend using Django Rest, Fast API or Flask.
  • The relation between apps, routes, views, controllers was a quite challenging for me.
  • The organization of the pages and templates was also a topic I will need to review.
  • The Section 10: Django Deployment it’s really interesting. I’ve understanding a lot of things to run a Django project on my own server created in a Raspberry-pi

The code of the project in my repository is here: bt_real_state – But It’s a walkthrough the code. I think it doesn’t worth the time to see. For me, was really insightful

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