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50projectsIn50days – Day 19: Theme clock

The clock container has several classes that referes to the clock elements: needles, hours, minutes and seconds: We even can find a button wich produce a Dark mode in the clock: But let focus in the clock. Because the interesting part of this idea is that the remarkable difficulty to think how to do it

Common table expressions

Specifies a temporary named result set, known as a common table expression (CTE). Microsoft Documentation Although there are some time around us the first time someone asked me about it I was confused: I haven’t know its proper definition until that momento. In fact, the common table expressions where added to the SQL standard in

Principle of Data Wrangling

Data Wrangling involves the process of cleaning and organizing data before any analysis takes place. It typically consumes between 50% and 80% of an analyst’s time. Factors to consider include time, granularity, scope, and structure. Importance: 1. Understanding the type of available data. 2. Choosing which data and level of detail to focus on. 3.

Importance of a Database System

As should be clear from this paper, modern commercial database systems are grounded both in academic research and in the experiences of developing industrial-strength products for high-end customers. The task of writing and maintaining a high-performance, fully functional relational DBMS from scratch is an enormous investment in time and energy. Many of the lessons of

4.6 Data Warehouses

DataWarehouses—large historical databases for decision-support that are loaded with new data on a periodic basis — have evolved to require specialized query processing support, and in the next section we survey some of the key features that they tend to require. This topic is relevant for two main reasons: 1. Data warehouses are a very

50projectsIn50days – Day 17: Movie App

The movie app needs you create an account in the movie db beacuse you need this access to get the data The new part in this path is the oner related to take information from another services, in this case a movie information provider. This information is obtained using the function getMovies(url) Using the fetch

50projectsIn50days – Day 15: Counter

A page which load three values that are hardcoded in the HTML tag: Each one with a class “counter” will be selected and for each one an inner text will be added as Zero and will be aded an increment up to the target (which is located in the data-target) is reached: The functions call