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Freshman computer scientists shouldn’t touch a computer. What does Donald Knuth think about that?

The most named person in the book: Donald Knuth. The author of “The Art of computer programming” Many people, including me, have not read it. But it justifies us. Seibel: Uh-oh; you just revealed your secret there. Knuth: Yeah, right. Then I decided I would write a little program to calculate the prime factors of

Check count distinct elements in SODA

Categories in Data Quality When you are doing a quality you’re looking for six levels of knowledge about it. It might change depends on your requirements and what is the usage about it. Because, in general speaking the that not always work in a synchronous way, it’s possible that it could be from outside your

Why to choose a Data Lake?

There are some reason that will take you to choose to use a Data Lake as solution for your Data Operations. The most importants are: The common work of the databases is that the storage and the processing is tied together making less flexible to scale storage without processing. In the other hands, the data

What $ in shell scripts means?

In this video: I saw the weird symbol: When I’m start looking about it on the internet I discovered that a lot of people has asked, and answered the question for a long time. As you can read in these question and its answer: This code is useful in order to know the exist status

Connect SODA to SQL Server

After deciding to install SODA to make your quality check you have to connect the data source to SODA. We are going to see how to connect soda to Microsoft SQL Server. Remember that this is a tutorial in order to use, in an easy way the SODA quality check tool on your machine .

First steps with tox

Tox is a tool for Python testing. I’m doing my first steps because I found it in the project: Faker, which is: Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you.  Faker Git Hub repository If you want an interesting video explanation about that you can see anthony explains #043 You can install it