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50projectsIn50days – Day 3: Rotating Navigation

A simple article written in plain HTML with has the flip change. If you click on the hamburger menu, the article will rotate 45 degrees. It’s a nice transformation that is created thanks to adding to a nav the “show-nav” CSS style. But that CSS selector “snow-nav” is not alone it’s added to a different

Border Radius in CSS

One of the simples project I’ve found on the internet is change some characteristics of attributes in CSS using a kind of input in a web page. It’s a simple project, but always fun. This kind of useless project, because is not a “production ready” thing teach me some things that are not strictly related

A short introduction to the art of programming 

Edsger W. Dijkstra – A short introduction to the art of programming  Link: E.W.Dijkstra Archive: A Short Introduction to the Art of Programming (EWD 316) 1. Preface  For those readers who identify the programmer’s competence with a thorough knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of one or more of the baroque tools into which modern programming languages

Python Django Dev To Deployment

After finishing the Udemy Course Python Django Dev to Deployment I would like to list the things I’ve learned during the process and the things I understand that I need to continue learning, or even, creating projects about it. First of all, you have to know that the course is quite long, if you take

Career management during our professional life

I’m not a veteran in the field. I’m in the middle of my thirties. But I found that there are some qualities I really appreciated when it appeared in the leaders and mentors I had. I would like to write it down because when I was younger it seemed to me that it could be

The element of programming style

When the book saw the lights, programming wasn’t as important as today. But, some of the ideas around the style of writing are a worth to notice and to know it. For that reason reading the book written by Brian Kernighan and P. J. Plauger are a constant invitation to revisit the way we code,

The elements of programming style: Epilogue

Epilogue There are many good books on languages, algorithms and numerical methods available to those who want to learn programming in greater depth. Our goal was not to teach languages or algorithms, but to teach you to program well.  Programmers have a strong tendency to underrate the importance of good style. Eternally optimistic, we all

The elements of programming style: Documentation

Chapter 8: Documentation The best documentation for a computer program is a clean structure. It also helps if the code is well formatted, with good mnemonic identifiers and labels (if any are needed), and a smattering of enlightening comments. Flowcharts and program descriptions are of secondary importance; the only reliable documentation of a computer program

The elements of programming style: Efficiency and instrumentation

Chapter 7: Efficiency and instrumentation Machines have become increasingly cheap compared to people; any discussion of computer efficiency that fails to take this into account is shortsighted. “Efficiency” involves the reduction of overall cost – not just machine time over the life of the program, but also time spent by the programmer and by the

The elements of programming style: Common Blunders

Chapter 6: Common Blunders A major concern of programming is making sure that a program can defend against bad data. But even with correct data, there is no guarantee that a program will work. In this chapter we will discuss other aspects of making software reliable. Let us summarize the main lessons of this chapter.