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What is Whale Alert

Whale alert is a blockchain tracker, which reports interesting transactions. Especially the larger ones. 

  • What is a blockchain tracker?

It is a process that follows the blockchain transaction to know if the transfer value exceeds a certain limit considered important. As Whale alert said on its webpage:

“At Whale Alert we track these transactions made on various blockchains, convert them into a single standard format, and store them in our databases.”

  • What is a whale?

A whale is defined depending on the number of currency transactions in USD. In case we were talking about Bitcoin. We can say that a whale has appeared if there is a transaction for 20 million. That is in case the sender or receiver (or both) are identified. If the sender and the receiver were not known the whale is tracked above 100 million. 

But, despite whale alert tracking this information, if you use the API, you must see the documentation to know the available transactions depending on your plan. More information in Whal Allert Pricing

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