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The elements of programming style: Don’t Be Too clever

Preface to the Second Edition

The practice of computer programming has changed since The Elements of Programming Style first appeared. Programming style has become a legitimate topic of discussion. After years of producing “write-only code,” students, teachers, and computing professionals now recognize the importance of readable programs. There has also been a widespread acceptance of structured programming as a valuable coding discipline, and a growing recognition that program design is an important phase, too often neglected in the past. 

Preface to the First Edition

Good programming cannot be taught by preaching generalities. The way to learn to program well is by seeing, over and over, how real programs can be improved by the application of a few principles of good practice and a little common sense. Practice in critical reading leads to skill in rewriting, which in turn leads to better writing. 

Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. Write Clearly – Don’t be too clever.

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