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Django Jinja Isn’t a thing

I was reading about Jinja and an article on Wikipedia caught my attention: Jinja (template engine) At the beginning I read:

Jinja is similar to the Django

So, Django Jinja and Jinja projects are different? I don’t think so because, in the same article, the sources point to the Jinja2 documentation. And this also happens in the Django article

But, on the other hand, I can read in the jinja repository that there is not the same Switching From Other Template Engines and also exists documentation about Support for templates engines


  1. Template engines are different, for example between Airflow and Django, Nerveless Django support jinja?
  2. The template engine in the Django source code is located here django/django/template/ ?

I asked this question above in this reddit thread: Jinja and Django Jinja and a user answer me that Django doesn’t exists as an independent template message. So, although the syntax look similar they are not the same.


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