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50projectsIn50days – Day 6: Scroll Animation

The Scroll Animation is a scroll that has a fixed number of contents inside the html. So, it’s not generated dynamically. In the case of this project there are 12 Boxes. Each h2 box has a class “Box” that gives the square aspect as you can see in this CSS: Talking about animation, which is

Learn to speak in public

First steps to public speaking When giving a presentation or starting to speak, it is sometimes common to inform the audience about things they are unaware of, which may cause stress. For example, saying, “Oops, I arrived late. I’m very sorry” or “I missed a few slides, but let’s proceed anyway.” This is your personal


When you tried to connect to soda it is possible you find this error: SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED. All the message look like similar to this one: This happens because there is a conflict between the permissions your machine have to connect to other places in the network and the usage statistics that SODA does. In fact,

SODA: Connect SQL Server without Password

When you do your first steps using soda, it is possible you want to connect to an SQL Server database. In that case you can create an specific user and give him the proper rights I wrote about that in the following post: Connect Soda to SQL Server. But, Is it possible to use the

Know your String Connection using SQL

I was looking how to know my server on the internet, and I’ve found this interesting question in Stackoverflow: How to get the connection String from a database. And one question give us an example of how do it using SQL: And it Works properly:

50projectsIn50days – Day 5: Blurry Loading

A really simple HTML and CSS which involves some tricky JavaScript archive the blur effect. Because, besides the blur effect, the project consists in showing an increasing percentage of how much the blur effect decreases so we can see the image more clearly. the class .bg and .loading-text make the visual display of the information

50projectsIn50days – Day 4: Hidden Search

A search bar that has an interesting animation inside it. The changes happen when the “active” selector is used. There are two, one for the input, and other for the button: Is a simple project that helps to understand how the transform property works. As you can read in the Mozilla Docs The transform CSS property lets you

What is DOM? Why is it important to understand it?

The DOM tree is a crucial concept that needs to be understood and managed in order to make changes to a website. It allows for the application of styles to HTML elements and the addition of functionalities. By manipulating the DOM structure, content, and styles, we can modify the representation of a webpage. For that