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Logging in a file to avoid print statements

A video that was enlightening We need to avoid the misuse of the print statements once we master the basic tools and ideas about programming in particular and software developer in general. So, here there are some notes about loggers. Loggers have five levels, by critically: By default we typically set info and above. This

Peter Norvig: everything in your head

Seibel: Though your job now doesn’t entail a lot of programming you still write programs for the essays on your web site. When you’re writing these little programs, how do you approach it? Norvig: I think one of the most important things is being able to keep everything in your head at once. If you

Peter Norvig and the Computer Science Curriculum

Seibel: Speaking of things that aren’t taught as much, you’ve been both an academic and in industry; do you feel like academic computer science and industrial programming meet in the right place? Norvig: It’s a big question. I don’t think there’s a lot of waste in computer science curriculum. I think that it’s mostly very

Joe Armstrong and the Print Statements

Following the Joe Armstrong quotes, there is one about the print statements. Seibel: What are the techniques that you use there? Print statements? Armstrong: Print statements. The great gods of programming said, “Thou shalt put printf statements in your program at the point where you think it’s gone wrong, recompile, and run it.” Then there’s—I

Joshua Bloch and his tier list of book

Joshua Bloch a software engineer related, contributor and (in some way) evangelist of Java has been asking at the time Coders at Work was published about the books of every programmer should read. Seibel: Are there any books that every programmer should read? Bloch: An obvious one, which I have slightly mixed feelings about but

Brendan Eich and the age of the programmers

The creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich was asked about the programming languages and the time Seibel: Do you feel at all that programming is a young person’s game? Eich: I think young people have enormous advantages, just physiological advantages to do with the brain. What they don’t have is the wisdom! You get crustier and