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How to be a lead by Dan Ingalls

Daniel (Dan) Ingalls is one of the creators of Smalltak. Other interesting development of engals was the Context Menu Seibel: Do you have any tips on how to be a good technical leader? Ingalls: The first thing is being clear about what you’re trying to do. The job is to get a clear vision. If

Choice the correct language by Guy Steele

Seibel: How much does a choice of language really matter? Are there good reasons to choose one language over another or does it all just come down to taste? Steele: Why shouldn’t taste be a good reason? Seibel: Well, I may like vanilla ice cream and you like chocolate, but we don’t fight about it.

Programming: Now Vs Then by Guy Steele

Guy Steele is an academic know particularly because the “Lambda Papers”. Seibel: What has changed the most in the way you think about programming now, vs. then? Other than learning that bubble sort is not the greatest sorting technique. Steele: I guess to me the biggest change is that nowadays you can’t possibly know everything

Peter Norvig: programing as a Craftmanship

Seibel: As a programmer, do you consider yourself a scientist, an engineer,an artist, or a craftsman? Norvig: Well, I know when you compare the various titles of books and so on, I always thought the “craft” was the right answer. So I thought art was a little pretentious because the purpose of art is to

Peter Norvig and the idea of test to drive design

According the point of view about the way of doing software, that we can resume that try to develop the solver problem element. Another interesting topic where we can focus is the way to using testing to drive design. Something that now is knowing as: Test Driven Design Seibel: What about the idea of using