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UNIX: A History and a Memoir

In the era of bright consultancy, where all things are opinionated, it’s difficult to find some refreshing ideas. For real it exists, but it is difficult to find. We are talking also about some people, who have the expertise of a field in Computer Science take time to say something about the route they have, with its tops and downs.  

In that type of singular humans that talk about the things in their lives with wisdom Brian Kerningan belongs. His book UNIX: A History and a Memoir it’s really a memoir but also a way to remember and honor a lot of people that contribute to the development of the world. We think it’s easy and always been there.

There are a lot of quotes that can be added in our programmer life but appreciate one:

Talking about the first time he tried to programming:

“For anyone who has ever struggled to write their first program, I can sympathize. I studied (..) on Fortran II and had the rules down pat, but I couldn’t figure

out how to write that first program (..)” Chapter 1 

Others quotes that catched my attention are the in this twitter threads:

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