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While you learn while you build it?

The quotation and the necessity of understand what you have done is really important when you try to understand some concepts. For that reason when I found this video: I remember the importance of being someone that trying to understand the concept of the “project based courses”. Because If you don’t know what you have

Freshman computer scientists shouldn’t touch a computer. What does Donald Knuth think about that?

The most named person in the book: Donald Knuth. The author of “The Art of computer programming” Many people, including me, have not read it. But it justifies us. Seibel: Uh-oh; you just revealed your secret there. Knuth: Yeah, right. Then I decided I would write a little program to calculate the prime factors of

How Douglas Crockford detects the talent

Douglas Crockford, well known because he was the first person who specified the JSON format was asked about the question of detect the talent in a programmer. Seibel: When you’re hiring programmers, how do you recognize the good ones? Crockford: The approach I’ve taken now is to do a code reading. I invite the candidate

Peter Norvig Paper: Oh shinny! antidote

Dark Knights In the TED talks The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds One of the comments that Linus Said was: Edison may not have been a nice person, he did a lot of things — he was maybe not so intellectual, not so visionary. But I think I’m more of an Edison than a Tesla. Linus Torvals So

Good Guidelines to improve as Software Developer

After learning the basics about programming and understanding the first steps necessary to become a competent beginner software developer, I’ve started to think. I’m trying to understand whats are the best topics to take care of being a reliable programmer. I’ve found this in Any Machine Learning Project, is a Software Project First: