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Enviroments in Virtual Env

The importance of using environments As was said in Setting environments in Python it’s important to use environments for your deployment, even if these are side projects or wild repositories. But at first, I used Conda to create the environment. However, a while ago, I made the switch to Virtual Env As a point of

Setting environments in Python

When we start a project in Python we make the beginner mistake of installing each tool in any place. However, as we advance in our knowledge and looking to improve what we do we start thinking about good practice. One of them is the “virtual environment”. The official documentation says the following: A virtual environment

SSH: A Brave new world

When you make your first steps as a developer, you realize that one of the first activities you have to do when your code is ready is to deploy it.  In that case, generally, the senior dev or someone of the dev-ops team says something like: After that, you ask yourself:  This irrelevant question for